Klachtenreglement Engels

Meaning of the terms
A complaint means that you do not agree with Nederlandseles.nu. You can have a complaint about the teacher, the teaching method, the classroom, the safety in the school and so on.

Article 1. Filing a complaint
It is very important to me that you and the other students are satisfied with the school and the lessons. If you are not satisfied, please let me know and I will try to resolve your issue. If you are not satisfied with the solution, you can submit a complaint. You can do this in writing or orally with me (Susan Joosten). If you submit the complaint verbally, you must clearly indicate that you wish to submit a complaint. If someone else pays for the course for you, he/she can also file a complaint on your behalf. A language coach/language buddy can also submit a complaint on your behalf. It must then be clear that the complaint comes from you and not just from your language coach/language buddy.

Article 2. The acknowledgment of receipt
You will be notified of receipt of the complaint within two weeks of submitting the complaint. It states:
– the date on which we received your complaint;
– how we handle the complaint;
– within how long you will receive an answer to your complaint.

Article 3. Not handling the complaint
If your complaint concerns something that we cannot do anything about (for example, that too few buses stop in front of the school), we will inform you that unfortunately we cannot handle your complaint. You will hear this within four weeks of submitting the complaint.

Article 4. Handling the complaint
My husband Xhemajl Bitiqi will help me deal with a complaint. Your complaint will be treated confidentially. Only if you agree, will the complaint be reported to others other than me and my husband.
You will receive our response to your complaint from us within six weeks of submitting the complaint. In special circumstances it may take longer before you receive a response from us. However, within six weeks you will hear how long it will take before you receive a response and you will also be told why we are unable to respond to your complaint within six weeks.

Article 5. The complaints line
Of course, we hope that our response to your complaint will resolve your problem with the organization and address the cause or consequences of the problem. However, if you are not satisfied with the solution proposed by us, you or someone else on your behalf can contact the Blik op Werk complaints line. You can call them on working days between 13:00 and 16:00: 030 – 3030 645 or you can send an email to: complaints@ikwilinburgeren.nl. The complaints line staff can help you resolve the problem with the school.

Article 6. The Arbitration Board
If you cannot come to a good solution even now, you can submit your complaint to the Arbitration Board. You pay 50 euros for this. If you are right, you will get your 50 euros back. Nederlandseles.nu is obliged to comply with the decision of the Arbitration Board.

Article 7. Storage of complaints
Nederlandseles.nu registers Complaints. At a minimum, the following information is on paper:
– date of entry;
– date of acknowledgment of receipt;
– handler of the complaint;
– outcome of the treatment;
– date on which the complaint was settled.
Complaints are kept in a locked cabinet for five years, after which they are destroyed.

Article 8. quality improvement
At least once a year I discuss with my husband how we can improve the quality of Nederlandseles.nu. In order to make improvements, we take into account any complaints submitted.


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