NL.Nu is a small flexible language school that provides customization

We provide courses for integration, Dutch in the workplace and Dutch for expats.

Do you prefer to learn the language independently? That is also possible with our video lessons from Taalcom Compleet. Starting with lesson 1.1 of Taalcomplete A1, a free video is online every week. That way you don’t have to leave your home to learn the language. If you missed videos, you can still order them via our webshop.

We also have a nice gift for grammar lovers. You can receive the first chapter of the Grammatically Correct Method as an e-book for free. The audio files for the method can be found on our website.


NL.NU provides courses from literacy up to and including B2. In addition, we also provide ona and exam training. With this complete package we prepare you optimally for the civic integration exam at A2, the state exam program 1 and state exam program 2. Our courses are both during the day and in the evening. Because we are certified by Blik op Werk, it is possible to pay for the lessons from a DUO loan.


Do you want to help your employees to better master Dutch so that they can perform their work more safely or do you want to help them integrate better into your company? Then choose our packages Dutch in the workplace. In consultation with you, we will look at which skills will be trained. We use the professional language used within your company as much as possible.


These lessons are mainly given at our location in The Hague, but with sufficient participation, these lessons are also possible in Alphen aan den Rijn. The lessons focus on the use of Dutch in everyday situations. No prior knowledge of English is required. The lessons are given in Dutch from the first lesson.